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Company Overview

IPE Limited is a listed investment company that listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) on 25 November 2004. At that time the Company's name was ING Private Equity Access Limited but, as a consequence of changes within the ING Group, the Company's shareholders approved the new name of IPE Limited at its AGM held on 31 October 2013. Since listing, the Company has traded under the ASX code: IPE.

IPE was established to provide retail investors access to the growing private equity market, through a listed investment company structure.  Its charter was to invest in a range of private equity funds managed by reputable private equity firms in order to provide diversity of business life cycle, investment structures and industries within its investment portfolio.

Market conditions changed dramatically around 2008/2009 and in June 2009 the Company announced that it would not be making new private equity commitments and would wind down its investment portfolio over time having concluded that the revised strategy would maximise value for investors.




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